• My practice is rooted in a tactile language of mark making. It is a responsive approach where ideas manifest through the body like dance - somatic exchanges generated by movement and touch. I work with the physical properties and characteristics of materials/objects, as a starting point. Forms then arise through their orchestration, continuously assembling and reassembling until a composition feels "right", when the pieces come together to create a situation that resonate between each element. The outcomes are site-specific installations and assembled sculptures - visual navigations that have an architectural presence, expressive, evoking a sense of time, balance, stability, but also fragility. Structures are precariously held together by gravity and friction, some are all together ephemeral and fleeting. I see the work in a constant state of being/becoming, existing in the present moment, recording the physical articulations of my sensitivities.

    Rana (American, Born 1978) is a Chicago-based artist with both a visual and food-based practice. In June 2018, she has just finished taking part in the Chicago Jewish Artists Fellowship at Spertus Institute, which culminated in a group exhibition in May 2018. Rana works at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as the Senior Administrative Director for five academic departments, applying her creative sensibilities towards her approach in organizational management. Rana holds an MFA in Fiber and Material Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2008) and a BFA in Crafts from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia (2001).